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1 (Part 1 of 3): Synopsis of articles & videos on Performance tuning, JVM, GC in Java, Mechanical Sympathy, et al 2 Using Matchers in Tests 3 Quick prototype: Using git in NetRexx 4 What Open Source is (and isn’t) and why you should use it? 5 Using Intel Performance Counters To Tune Garbage Collection 6 Run, JUnit! Run!!! 7 A conversational guide for JDK8’s lambdas – a glossary of terms
8 Mastering Java Bytecode 9 Applying ForkJoin – from optimal to fast 10 Anatomy of a Java Decompiler 11 Performance tuning – measure don’t guess 12 Project Avatar – The next Java EE Feature 13 013 Things that Will go Horribly Wrong on This Friday, Dec 13, 2013 14 Springs @Primary annotation in action
15 WebSocket and Java 16 ArrayList vs. LinkedList 17 Introduction to JUnit Theories 18 Type-safing the Observer with mutually recursive bounds 19 (Part 2 of 3): Synopsis of articles & videos on Performance tuning, JVM, GC in Java, Mechanical Sympathy, et al 20 Java, the Steam controller and me 21 Big data the ‘reactive’ way
22 Reactive cassandra… 23 Synopsis of articles and videos part 3 of 3 24 2013 Java/JVM Year in Review and a Look to the Future! AND
How (NOT TO) measure latency
25 26 27 28
29 30 31 1 2 3 4
It was my distinct honor and pleasure to have worked with quite a wonderful group of people on the last 24 days (including this one :D). They (in order of the posting date -> Mani, I will mention you only once, I hope it’s OK :P):

made Java Advent Calendar version 2013 possible. Thank you all…and see you next year!

Author: gpanther

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  1. Mani Sarkar December 28, 2013

    Using my name once is fine, I'm happy to have contributed to 10% of the content (lol – posts are TL;DR), using it thrice would remind of ABBA's album.

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