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Merry Christmas everyone!

This is the first year of the Java Advent Project and I am really grateful to all the people that got involved, published articles, twitted, shared, +1ed, shared etc. etc.
It was an unbelievable journey and all the glory needs to go to the people that took some time from their loved ones to give us their wisdom. As they say, the Class of 2014 of Java Advent is comprised of (in the order of publishing date):

Thank you girls and guys for making it happen yet once more. And sorry for stressing and pushing you out. Also, last but not least thanks to Voxxed editors Lucy Carey and Mite Mitreski.

Author: Attila-Mihály Balázs

A programmer journeyman who appreciates working in great teams to deliver good fit solutions to customers.

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  1. Mani Sarkar December 27, 2014

    Thanks to Olimpiu and the team behind Java Advent Calendar for making this initiative a success and also giving us an opportunity to share something about our passion towards the end of the year. Helping finish the year with an out pour of insights and inspirations – grande finale!

  2. Olimpiu Pop December 29, 2014

    Thank you Mani for the kind words for being one of the posters to return each year with excellent content :D. Happy New Year !

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